SignOn client library


This library, libsignon-qt, is the Single Sign On client library for Qt-based applications. By using this library, an application can authenticate to a (usually remote) service using an existing set of credentials, and operate on the credentials database as well.


A few terms are frequently used in this library APIs, which we'll briefly explain here:

  • Identity: This is a local object representing a record in the credentials DB. It contains information about the username and password (the latter is write-only), plus some metadata such as a descriptive caption, ACL, reference count, and a little more. Identities are referred to in the SSO DB by numeric IDs.
  • Authentication method: the SSO daemon supports different authentication methods, each being provided by a plugin. Well known examples of authentication methods include SASL, OAuth. Authentication methods might support different authentication mechanisms.
  • Authentication session: the process of performing the authentication.

List of classes in libsignon-qt

Here are the main classes in the libraries. You can also see the complete list of classes. All classes reside in the SignOn namespace.

SignOn::AuthSessionLocal representation of an authentication session. Use this class to perform the authenticaion.
SignOn::IdentityLocal representation of an identity. Use this class to load an existing set of credentials, or to create, edit, delete credentials.