This document is for libsignon-glib, version 2.1 . The latest version of this documentation can be built from the source code at

I. libsignon-glib Overview
II. libsignon-glib Objects
Object Hierarchy
Credential management
SignonAuthService — The authorization service object
SignonAuthSession — Authentication session handler.
SignonError — Possible errors from Signon.
SignonIdentity — Client side presentation of a credential.
SignonIdentityInfo — Extra data for a SignonIdentity.
SignonSecurityContext — Security context for SignonIdentityInfo.
III. signond D-Bus API — Manages Signon identities. — An authentication session for an Identity. — Representation of a single identity.
IV. Migrating from Previous Versions of libsignon-glib
Migrating from libsignon-glib 1.x to libsignon-glib 2.x
Changes in SignonAuthService
Changes in SignonAuthSession
Changes in SignonIdentity
V. Appendices
API Index
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.0
Index of new symbols in 1.8
Annotation Glossary