Provider description file format

Providers for libaccounts-glib are described with a simple XML file. An example for a hypothetical CoolProvider is shown below:

Example 5. Provider description for CoolProvider

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provider id="coolprovider">
  <description>CoolProvider brings frost to your desktop</description>


The example provider description describes a provider called coolprovider, indicated by the id attribute on the provider element. The name element contains a human-readable version of the provider name. The description is a string that describes the provider in general, and is especially useful if the provider supports a wide range of services. The translations element is used to indicate the gettext translation domain for the name and description elements, to be used by applications when showing those elements in a UI. The icon element specifies a themed icon to represent the provider. Finally, a domains element is a regular expression which should match all the web domains where the account with coolprovider can be used. This can be used with an Ubuntu Webapp to automatically create an account when the user logs in to an accepted domain.


Provider description filenames should end in .provider and be installed to ${prefix}/share/accounts/providers, which normally expands to /usr/share/accounts/providers. The path can be queried with pkg-config by checking the providerfilesdir variable of the libaccounts-glib pkg-config file, for example:

pkg-config --variable=providerfilesdir libaccounts-glib