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GSignond building and installation
Building and installing the gsignond daemon
GSignond configuration
gsignond-config — gSSO configuration information
General configuration — gSSO general configuration keys
DBus configuration — gSSO dbus configuration keys
Authentication plugins, plugin loaders and D-Bus IPC
Overview of GSignond's authentication plugin subsystem
GSignond API for writing GLib-based authentication plugins
GSignondPlugin — an interface for implementing GLib-based authentication plugins
GSignondDictionary — a dictionary container holding string keys and variant values
GSignondSessionData — definitions for authentication session parameters
GSignondSignonuiData — definitions for user interaction parameters
Standard in-tree authentication plugins
GSignondDigestPlugin — a plugin that performs HTTP Digest authentication
GSignondPasswordPlugin — a plugin for retrieving the username/password
GSignond API for writing platform adaptation extensions
GSignondExtension — provides platform adaptation functionality
GSignondAccessControlManager — an object that performs access control checks
GSignondSecurityContext — security context descriptor used in access control checks
GSignondStorageManager — manages encrypted disk storage for storing the secret database
GSignondSecretStorage — provides access to the database that stores user credentials and identity/method cache
GSignondCredentials — credentials (username, password) associated with an identity
Errors — error definitions and utilities
Logging — logging facilities
Utility functions — miscellaneous utility functions
API Index
Annotation Glossary